5 Simple Ways to Save More Money on Travel

Does another slow day at the office have you scrolling through Instagram, daydreaming about a trip to Portugal or Japan? Though we can’t get you extra weeks of paid time off, we can at least offer a little extra cash. A handful of key cost-saving measures can help you save more funds toward that epic sailing adventure you’ve been lusting after for years. Apply a few of the following tips to turn those travel daydreams into reality.

Google Flights

Many big adventures (although not all of them, see below) start with a plane ticket to a destination overseas. A foreign language, unfamiliar territory, new smells, sights and foods can do wonders for mind and soul. Don’t get too over-eager to break the daily routine by paying full price for that ticket. Use Google Flights to search — not only for the best rate, but also to sign up for emails that notify you when fares for your particular route are likely to go up. Note: You can track domestic flights as well.

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Download Mint

There are now a ton of apps on the market to help with everything from drinking enough water to getting a date for Saturday night. It should come as no surprise that there’s an app to help you track your spending, budget your money, pay your bills on time and check your credit score. It’s called Mint and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. Use technology to help you harness your spending power and ‘find’ a little extra money for that trip you’ve been promising yourself you’ll take when you finally ‘save up.’

Join a club

Delta SkyMiles and Southwest Rapid Rewards are a couple airline reward programs that rank highest in word-of-mouth satisfaction from seasoned travelers looking to save money. Both programs make it easy to convert your airline travel (as well as other select purchases) into free flights. If you’re going to be traveling by plane, there is no good reason not to take advantage of these programs. You can also sign up to earn points with Marriott Bonvoy, which is a loyalty program that gives you kickbacks on lodging such as free stays, members-only rates and free wifi. 

Get a discount with Airbnb 

Even travelers who frequent Airbnb might not know about the weekly or monthly discounts available. A quick search of the platform will show you the options — though not all hosts have discounts for longer stays. There’s no stronger argument for staying an extra few days (or weeks) than a discounted rate. Note: You have to enter dates in order to see the discount. Simply searching a city and its rental options won’t reveal the offers. 

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Track foreign exchange rates 

One other simple way to save more on travel is to head where the dollar is strong. Doing so means your money goes further so you can see, do and eat more, for less. In other words, the stronger your dollar in relation to another currency, the less you have to shell out. Check out this currency calculator before booking a trip to see what current rates are for the country that you’re considering traveling to. Our Canadian neighbors to the north are currently a good option as are Mexico, Vietnam and Hungary.

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