Authentic Avemar Film-Coated Tablet – Fermented Wheat Germ Extract, Daily Immune and Cell Support, Avemar Pulvis Super…

Price: $1,260.00

AVEMAR is Published in PubMed more than 60 times and Clinically Studied more than 100 times.
AVEMAR is 100% All-Natural Holistic Health Supplement made from Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – FWGE.
AVEMAR Supports the Immune System, Quality of Life, Mental Clarity, Physiological Cellular and Hormonal Immune Balance.
AVEMAR Supports Blood Sugar Levels and Glucose Metabolism. Supports White Blood Cells for Peak Performance.
AVEMAR film-coated Tablets and Granulate Powder are the Only Products Containing AVEMAR Pulvis.

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