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What’s the Best Diet and Exercise for People Over 50?

May 27 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day. And joining me today to talk about healthy aging is Dr. Christine Rosenblum. Dr. Rosenbloom is a registered dietician and a nutrition professor emerita of Georgia State University in Atlanta, where she taught and held various administrative positions over her 30-year university career. Since retiring, she’s […]


Rivian 2021 Electric R1T Truck Targets Outdoor Athletes

In 2016, when Rivian was still hiding in the shadows and quietly building the world’s first electric off-road vehicles, Larry Parker, creative director for the brand, got inspired by outdoor adventure photographer/filmmaker and author Ben Moon. Parker liked the feel of Moon’s surfing and climbing images, and he liked Moon’s personal story and his relationship […]

Healthy Diet

Coconut Banana Bread

The familiar flavor of sweet banana bread with bits of coconut and coconut flavor swirled throughout this amazing tropical bread! How to Make Coconut Banana Bread This version of banana bread is so easy to make! Just like any quick bread, you will want to mix the dry ingredients first and then combine the wet […]


Understanding How Carbs Can Impact Performance

Carbohydrates are a macronutrient, meaning a larger nutrient class, which (for the most part, must be obtained externally. Carbohydrates are often mistakenly thought of as sugars.   Yes, sugar is a carbohydrate. However, spinach is predominantly water and fiber but is also considered a carbohydrate. In short, understanding what carbohydrates are, along with their classes […]


The Definitive Guide to Sun Exposure

The ancients prayed to it. Farmers relied on it. The seasons depend on the earth’s tilt toward it. The sun is always up there, shining down, filling the world with light and heat, sending down powerful rays of energy that scatter across the surface, sneak through windows, penetrate otherwise dark caves. You can’t avoid it, […]