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The Most Epic Ways to Explore Finland’s Lapland

Finland’s largest region, Lapland, also has the country’s greatest offering for tourists. That’s no jab at Helsinki, which is terrific for a long weekend. But Lapland—the country’s northernmost region—provides a host of bucket list–caliber experiences. The 10 Coolest, Most Unique Hotels in Europe Chief among them is seeing the northern lights—and why not see them […]


HIIT vs. HIRT: Reducing Workout Stress To Increase Fitness

The fitness world is booming these days. You can see it in the popularity of CrossFit boxes, obstacle course and endurance events, and record-breaking gym construction. It’s encouraging. Inspiring even. But there’s also a downside to the rising gym memberships and event registrations. There are still too many people dealing with recurring patterns of breakdown, […]