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White Chocolate Pecan Sourdough Bread

This White Chocolate Pecan Sourdough bread is so good that it tastes like it should be cake! It only has a few simple ingredients and the goodness of natural yeast! What is the difference between Sourdough Bread and Regular Bread? Traditional sourdough bread contains just three ingredients. Flour, salt and sourdough starter. There is no […]


Weekly Link Love — Edition 119

Research of the Week A large portion of COVID complications were due to metabolic co-morbidities. You are mostly what you eat. Keto improves daily function and quality of life in dementia patients. Giving testosterone to men with type 2 diabetes causes remission in some. Improving road safety reduces crime. New Primal Blueprint Podcasts Episode 472: […]


AEW Star Brian Cage: Bodybuilding and Powerbombs

All Elite Wrestling superstar Brian Cage stands 6-feet-tall and weighs more than 270 pounds, yet he is still able to bounce around the wrestling ring like a cat. In a long, successful career that’s crossed several top promotions, including IMPACT and Lucha Undergound, the Swolverine’s dedication to ring conditioning still commands a great deal of […]