The Cholesterol Question

Q: It seems like so many people over 40, or sometimes even younger, are taking statin drugs. What is that all about? Will they make me healthier? While pharmaceuticals can be life-saving, they rarely promote health. In emergency situations, prescription medication can save lives, but because they are powerful and change your body’s physiology (meaning […]


All About NAC: Supplement Benefits, Side Effects, Dosages

Our understanding of how antioxidant supplementation works has changed in the last decade. Rather than act directly as antioxidants, most of these compounds stimulate the body’s own production of endogenous antioxidants. That’s right—most of the popular and beneficial “antioxidant” supplements work by provoking a mild hormetic stress response that activates our own antioxidant defenses. But […]


10 Tips to Restarting Fitness After Childbirth

No two women are alike, from their bodies to their deliveries to their recovery and subsequently the healing process. And while each person may differ, when woman feels ready to start exercising again after childbirth, the main rules will remain the same.   The most important thing is to wait until your body is healed. […]

Healthy Diet

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

These easy Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos made in the crock pot with chicken breast, salsa, and spices are on repeat in my house! Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos Chicken tacos are a popular dinner in my house. We love tacos because they are so customizable. You can switch up the meat, toppings, and tortillas, so you […]