Weekly Link Love – Edition 70

Research of the Week Sufficient training may make meal timing less important for weight management. Increasing handwashing at airports could have a huge impact on the risk of pandemics. Dogs were probably domesticated during the Ice Age. Using forced swim tests to determine a lab mouse’s depression probably doesn’t work. How does ketosis impact appetite? […]


IFBB Pro Henri-Pierre Ano’s Chest-Building Workout

Chris Nicoll / M+F Magazine “It wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for,” Henri-Pierre Ano admits, after reflecting on his 14th-place finish in 2019’s Olympia Classic Physique. Ano, 38, had plenty of reasons for disappointment. The Canadian stepped onstage with high hopes of improving on his 2018 fourth-place finish. At 6’1″, with a small waist […]


First Look: Wattbike Atom

Earlier this fall, indoor performance cycling company Wattbike finally brought the Atom, its most advanced cycling trainer yet, to U.S. riders. To complement the U.S. launch, Wattbike has just released simulated rides of eight iconic road climbs from New York to Hawaii in its native training app, the Wattbike Hub. The thought of hopping on […]