This New Japanese Vodka Is Made From 100% White Rice

Historically, the world’s most popular vodkas have hailed from legacy distilling destinations such as Russia, Poland, and Sweden. These countries have gifted the world with beloved brands including Smirnoff, Belvedere, and Absolut, respectively. In more recent years, USA-made vodkas have skyrocketed in popularity, with labels like Tito’s, Hangar 1, and Crop Organic quickly gobbling up […]


Weekly Link Love — Edition 50

Research of the Week Overtrained athletes aren’t as good at delaying gratification. Dogs are more effective than statins. PUFAs linked to skin cancer, saturated fats neutral, MUFA protective. Zebra stripes ward off biting flies, even when you paint them on cows. Dreams about social media are rare, but they’re more common in the neurotic and […]