Why Miller High Life is the Classiest Compromise at the Dive Bar

Life is full of trade-offs. Go home early or stay out all night? Aim for quality or max out on quantity? But when it comes to Miller High Life, maybe we can have it all. And by “all,” of course, we mean: A) chugging the so-called champagne of beers while, B) inwardly acknowledging that it’s […]

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Miles Teller On Flight Training For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ And Working With Tom Cruise

Miles Teller is no stranger to a little buzz. Since making his mark in Whiplash, the actor has always managed to stay a part of the “ones to watch” conversation. So it is no surprise that he is also involved in the most highly-anticipated movie of the decade: Top Gun: Maverick. “There is no green […]

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How to Burn Off Calories From Your Favorite Holiday Foods and Drinks

It’s the holidays, so let’s be real: You’re probably going to indulge a bit, whether it’s through alcohol, eggnog, or carb-heavy side dishes. And while some of your friends and gym buddies might be giving you slack for ingesting more added sugar in one day than you normally do in a month, we here at Muscle […]

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