First Take: YETI V-Series Cooler

There’s no shortage in the market for high-end coolers. And with greater price tags come greater consumer expectations that manufacturers handle with larger claims. Some tout ice retention for days, or boast carrying load, while others flex marketing muscles in projecting how the cooler fits an active lifestyle. In the higher stakes game of premium […]

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How Rafting Trips Could Be Summer’s Safest Pandemic Escape

As society works collectively to curb the spread of COVID-19, maybe there is something to all the clichés of this unprecedented moment, navigating “uncharted waters,” while “all in the same boat together.” The opportunity to launch a paddling or rafting trip could be one of this summer’s safer adventure outlets as pandemic restrictions slowly ease. […]

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We all hit the gym with a goal — fitness. Sometimes it can be quite disappointing when you exercise every day but overly see and feel the inadequacy from the results. This is why most people result in using pre-workout supplements to ensure that they get the most from their training. It is believed that […]

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