Boxer Canelo Alvarez on Training for His Next Fight and What It’s Like to Win a World Title

After taking on Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin and Rocky Fielding while winning multiple title belts in his last two matches, boxer Canelo Álvarez is ready for his next challenge. Álvarez will be facing off against Daniel Jacobs in a middleweight unification bout at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, which will be exclusively […]


Women and Iron

Generally speaking, women are smaller than men. As a result, our nutritional requirements—from protein, carbs, and fats to vitamins and minerals—are often less than our male counterparts.   But not when it comes to iron: We often need more iron than men.     Women need 18mg of iron each day, and most of us […]


Does Red Meat Give You Colon Cancer?

Have you heard? There’s a new “red meat will kill you” study. This time, it’s colorectal cancer. Here’s the press release. Here’s the full study. I covered this a couple Sundays ago in “Sunday with Sisson.” If you haven’t signed up for that, I’d recommend it. SWS is where I delve into my habits, practices, […]


You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

You’re probably used to warm water when taking a shower and consistently taking a cold shower can be challenging for most people. But do you know that a cold shower provides a ton of benefits to the body? It can also improve your health in different ways. From rejuvenating your skin, reducing fats, to relaxing […]


Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg and Calf Press Machine

Price: A proper leg workout not only strengthens the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, it also works the cardiovascular systems and burns fat. Body-Solid’s Pro Dual Leg Press/Calf Extension advanced design reduces spinal compression while allowing full range of motion in a natural biomechanically efficient movement. The machine features pillow block and sealed ball bearings […]

Healthy Diet

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Flatbread

6 Freestyle Points 247 Calories These breakfast pizzas, which are great for breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner combine two of my favorite foods – lox and everything bagel seasoning! I used my easy breakfast pizza dough recipe and topped it with red onion and everything bagel seasoning, then baked it in the oven and finished it with […]