You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

You’re probably used to warm water when taking a shower and consistently taking a cold shower can be challenging for most people. But do you know that a cold shower provides a ton of benefits to the body? It can also improve your health in different ways. From rejuvenating your skin, reducing fats, to relaxing […]


Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg and Calf Press Machine

Price: A proper leg workout not only strengthens the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, it also works the cardiovascular systems and burns fat. Body-Solid’s Pro Dual Leg Press/Calf Extension advanced design reduces spinal compression while allowing full range of motion in a natural biomechanically efficient movement. The machine features pillow block and sealed ball bearings […]

Healthy Diet

One Pan Teriyaki Chicken

Sweet and savory teriyaki chicken cooks in one pan and gets a flavor boost from healthy veggies and crushed pineapple–(not tons of sugar!) Marinate this chicken in the morning for a quick weeknight meal you can serve over brown rice. Teriyaki might be one of the easiest international flavors for little kids to get excited […]